There are often instances when you lose control over your system just because you have forgotten your password or the system does not accept your password. Registry repair tools help you in such a situation restoring your password allowing access to the computer. These are two distinct situations; one where you forget the password, second when you cannot log in because of the password error. In the later situation, a

So you’ve decided to get an estimate from a local body shop. These days, most body shops will use a computerized estimating software to write your estimate. If the shop you have chosen does not use a computer to write your estimate that should be cause for concern. This is not meant as a jab at those long time owners and technicians and I am not implying they are “backward”

Windows Error 0x80070057 is related to Windows Update, Microsoft Office Outlook 2010 and Backup & Restore programs. This error may appear while checking for latest Windows Updates, connecting Microsoft Exchange Server through Microsoft Outlook 2010, backing-up files to a USB Hard Disk Drive or copying files to a Memory Card. The sources of the error are “SoftwareDistribution” folder, problem with Outlook Profile, lack of operational memory and obsolete registry entries.

The 1304 error is a typical Windows error which is caused by your computer not being able to correctly “write” to a specific file on your system. Whenever you install a program onto your PC, 100’s of files & settings are going to be placed onto your computer in order to help the software to run. The issue you’re seeing is that one, or more, of the files your PC

Hard Disk Drive Crash Take the case of computer systems. We become so used to working on the computer on a regular basis that we are rarely ready to face the consequences if things go wrong. This is truer of a computer hard disk drive crash than of anything else. Hard drive malfunction can be divided into two types: one is the so called Firmware Level malfunction that can be

Portal 2 may be rated as one of the best games to hit the shelves, but for many people it will just run too slow for it to be enjoyable. This problem is not only a huge issue because of the hardware specifications of your system, but it’s a problem which will be preventing your computer from actually being able to operate as smoothly as possible. Fortunately, there’s a simple

While going through the initial setup in QuickBooks, the program prompts users to select their industry. Sometimes, a user’s industry is not clearly listed. For example, “Computer Service & Repair,” is not one of the choices. I’m sure there are many other businesses that are not clearly listed in the “Select Industry” section of the QuickBooks setup screen. QuickBooks asks for your industry for two reasons: So it can load

Flash Player is a commonly used program that is used when viewing videos, movies, and animations using the web browser. However, users who are attempting to install it on the computer are encountering problems, and are not able to perform this task. The error occurs when the “AOL Desktop Manager” prevents the installation of the software. When this happens, the system is not able to load up the required settings

With the number of identity theft victims growing every day, it is no surprise that computer security is a big concern for most computer users. With the increase in attacks on computers and theft of sensitive information,firewalls and virus protection programs have gone from being rarely used on home computers to being things even the most technologically challenged users want to have installed. After all, no-one wants to be the

If you understand the concepts of error 339, you will be able to fix runtime error 13, as it will enable you to locate the causes of this error. The run-time error 339 usually occurs when a DLL or OX file is either missing or not registered. This is a most common error which results in the system crashes often. When it comes to runtime error 13, you must know

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