We believe in empowering everyone through circular technology and sustainable innovation.

PC Dreams began in my dorm room at NTU in 2003, where I started selling PCs. As a tech enthusiast, I used my love for technology to recommend the best gadgets to everyone. Today, PC Dreams Group is driven by myhalo, a zero e-waste sustainability platform, and Digital Hospital, our expert device repair centre. We enable everyone to reduce their carbon footprint and help Singapore to reach its net-zero target to fight climate change.

From the get-go, PC Dreams has been providing sustainable tech solutions for big names like Acer, Asus, Lenovo, HP, Dell, LG, Ingram, Innovix, and Asiapac. We embrace circularity by managing their DOA (dead on arrival) devices, open box devices, demo devices, and finding them new owners.

Our commitment to environmental sustainability is upheld by myhalo and Digital Hospital’s comprehensive solutions. We proudly offer certified and quality-refurbished (ReLoved) second and third life-cycle devices, convenient and transparent device trade-in (Upcycle), and ISO-certified expert device repairs (Rescue), making it easier and safer than ever for anyone to kickstart their zero e-waste lifestyle. We also help Enterprise and SMEs reduce their carbon footprint through ISO-certified ITAD (IT Asset Disposition) and IT Outsourcing. These services are available both online and at myhalo CircularXchange @ Bugis Junction

We are the first zero e-waste platform that quantifies and communicates any organisation’s positive environmental impact through our services. Through these efforts, businesses can understand the impact of their actions and be motivated to do their part against e-waste.

We also have a robust Corporate Social Responsibility track record, including device refurbishment for donation through Bridge the Digital Divide. We also bring people together and encourage greener, zero-waste lifestyles through our sustainability community, SGreen Circle.

Every step counts in the journey towards a zero e-waste world. Join us to embrace circularity and innovate sustainably together.

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