Unused Electronics are e-waste too ?

3 Scary Effects Of E-Waste On The Environment And Human Health

E-Waste & its Negative Effects on the Environment

E-waste, also known as electronic waste, has come under attack in recent years due to its negative effects on the environment and human health. E-waste is often considered an overlooked epidemic, as the long-term impact of this waste is still unclear. Still, many e-waste recycling centers have been created in recent years in an effort to protect humans and the planet. In this article, 3 …

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Declutter the E-Waste

Declutter the E-Waste in Singapore

The problem of e-waste has now started attracting everyone’s attention for the potential threat which it poses to the environment. The ocean of gadgets which is present around us is enough to tell the story. We must understand that now it is the time that instead of getting mesmerized at seeing the beauty of the gadgets we must become more considerate about the potential threat …

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Computer Recycling

Computer Recycling: How Does it Work?

Have you ever wondered what happens to your computer when it’s recycled? Tossing your old computer within the trash may help to scale back clutter, but are often problematic for a variety of reasons, like filling up landfills and risking data breaches. this does not mean you’ve got to use your computer as a super-sized paperweight, though. you’re right if you think that your old computer isn’t worth much, but the magic of recycling is that once you combine many components that aren’t worth much on their …

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unused devices are e-waste too

Are Unused Electronics An E-waste Too?

Are you going shopping for electronics? You must be very excited about buying a new device loaded with extravagant features and curvy design. But what about your old device? What will you do with it? Do you have any plans for your old companion also? If your answer to all these questions is no then we must tell you that you are also contributing to …

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