The retina is an extremely thin tissue that lines the extreme back of the eye and is basically responsible for the assimilation of visual data, which is then transmitted to the brain by the optic nerve for interpretation. A retinal detachment is a separation of the retina from its attachments to the underlying tissue, usually due to trauma, bleeding, extreme near-sightedness, medications or surgery. This condition invariably leads to complete

Hardly anyone will argue that the need for uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) is on the rise as ancient power supply infrastructures creek under the weight of increasing demand for energy worldwide. But why do power protection load types need to be categorised? Firstly, business managers must assess what UPS loads are in terms of their criticality to the continuity of operations in the event of a power cut. Usually, uninterruptible

When considering that pathological eating disorders and their related diseases now afflict more people globally than malnutrition, some experts in the medical field are presently purporting that the world’s number one health problem is no longer heart disease or cancer, but obesity. According to the World Health Organization (June, 2005), “obesity has reached epidemic proportions globally, with more than 1 billion adults overweight – at least 300 million of them

Rocket Science or Coffin-Theory of credit controller demystified The purpose of developing this framework is to underline the importance of the role played by the credit controller in a company especially in the present market scenario; to put forth some sagely advice to the new entrants into this field. At the time of entry to this field when I turned to literature to help me in understanding the role of

Power loss incidents cause tremendous damages to computers and data, in industry, communication and data center facilities, which are well equipped to provide Uninterrupted Power. Failures in sensitive locations, although related to grid malfunction in harsh and stormy season, occur mainly due to transformer failures, standby generator starting troubles, cable malfunctions, and other victims of poor maintenance that can be avoided. Excessive summer heat overloads electricity supply due to tremendous growth in

Benzodiazepine Withdrawal and EFT- the Ideal Self-Management Tool I’m an advanced Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) Practitioner as well as being a recovered involuntary benzodiazepine (benzo) addict. I came off benzos in 1988 and qualified in EFT in 2006. That’s quite an unusual combination. I wish EFT had been around when I was coming off. But now I’m qualified, it puts me in the unique position of being able to offer

Registration and signup forms often make a burdensome task for website visitors. They also create problems for marketers and their conversion rates. OpenID is a solution that aims to solve this problem by allowing visitors to sign in with a single user ID. This method offers convenience for the web user but is quite useful to marketers as well. Aside from eliminating the tedious registration process, it also prevents new

When member service goes wrong, think “damage control”. A good recovery process can turn angry, frustrated members into loyal ones. It can create more goodwill than if things had gone smoothly in the first place. On the other hand, the failure to resolve the problem results in the member spreading their dissatisfaction to many other people. Think about the last time you had a complaint that was not resolved. How

Requirements Documents are used to accurately and unambiguously convey the needs of a business. A Business Requirements Document is a well-known ‘requirements’ document however there are other types of requirements documents that are also important in progressing a project through to completion. The template of a Requirement Document to be used depends upon the type of requirements that it is meant to capture. Organizations develop and adapt their own templates

There are good and bad to Both Digital and Conventional based Products & Businesses so I hope through reading this you can understand which you would prefer to do Business in. Starting with Conventional Products (Physical Products); firstly the customer receives something physically for the purchase and could in this way value a physical product, a customer may see the exchange of money for material as a fair trade even

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