1. PC Dreams’ rights are reserved and its decision in relation to the valuations, quotes and jurisdictions on any outcomes shall be final.

2. On-site collection will only be activated with a minimum of of 10 eligible items or a minimum ascertained total value of at least $500 or above (to be determined by our tech specialists), whichever is applicable.

3. The redemption (with the agreed trade in value) CANNOT be used directly with the retailer. It can only be used to exchange for Retailer’s Cash Voucher.  The form value is inclusive of 7% GST.

4. Only the ORIGINAL redemption letter will be accepted for exchange for Challenger Bugis Flagship Store Cash vouchers. In the event of loss of this form, please bring along the working contact number indicated in the Company details segment for verification.

5. PC Dreams will undertake to perform the best possible service to erase all existing data residing on the traded-in devices within 10 days of transaction under ISO 27001.

6. PC Dreams shall not be responsible for backing up part or whole of the customer’s existing data in the traded-in Notebook(s), Desktop(s), All-in-One PC(s), Smartphone(s) or Tablet(s). It shall be the customer’s responsibility to manage the back-up of any existing data, or take up an option to pay for data migration services; the customer agrees to indemnify PC Dreams from any error that may occur due to data loss issues incurred by customers.

7. The valuation amount cannot be exchanged for cash under any circumstances and it shall be indicated in the authorisation form issued by PC Dreams.

8. In case of non-usage of trade in authorisation form , PC Dreams, retailer or organizers will not refund the cash value on the form under any circumstances. No refunds will be entertained with any unused or balance portions of the form value.

9. By signing the authorisation form, you understand and agree that in the event of non-usage of the form, the traded-in Notebook(s), Desktop(s), All-in-One PC(s), Smartphone(s) or Tablet(s) will not be returned to the customer.

10. In signing the form, you are also declaring that the above mentioned device(s) belong(s) to you legally and do not have any third party liabilities at the time of sales to PC Dreams®.

11. You also understand that the amount indicated in trade value for the listed devices will be redeemable only for Challenger’s Cash Voucher within before 28th FEB 2019.

12. That you have read and Understood the terms and conditions with regards to this transaction.

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