The Gift of Hope
is in Your Hands.

Your unwanted phone or Laptop is someone else's dream device

For a migrant worker, an average phone might use up months of savings; money that would have paid for education or medication. They have the same use for these devices as us, calling their families and keeping up with their loved ones and friends. Connection is what makes all of us human.

Let's Bridge the Digital Divide for them together.

Bridge the Digital Divide

Bridge the Digital Divide is an initiative started by Xpointo Media, partnering with PC Dreams to rise awareness of the impact our digital consumption have on our environment. We achieve this by solicitating working pre-loved digital devices such as laptops, tablets and mobile phones and match them with those in need of them.

It's Simple

Select your phone,
tablet or laptop

Visit us
at Bugis Junction

Drop it off into the Bridge
the Digital Divide Box

somone's life

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