I often hear from women who are troubled by (or have just found out) that their husband or boyfriend has two cell phones. Many are quite suspicious of this and wonder if the second cell phone means that the husband is cheating. There are various reasons that husbands have two cell phones, and only one of them is cheating (although cheating is a common one.) I will discuss this more

It surprises me to read how much of the information on improving spoken English is either wrong or outdated. We are living in the information age now. If you are reading this, you have a computer and most likely you have an iPhone or some similar device. I want to show you how to take advantage of the technology of today to get ahead of the game. Many countries around

Android is a big name in the Smart-phone industry these days and with the introduction of different models of Smart-phones, the need for Android applications are on the increase. This has compelled the developers to produce high quality programs in such a way that Smart-phone users all over the globe can be benefited. Android Apps are more in demand as compared to other competitive ones due to the fact that

Parents are saying discipline, consequences, time out and sticker’s don’t work. Parents are presenting as more and more defeated when it comes to managing the behavior of their children. They have a long list of tried that – didn’t work scenarios including many of the more popular parenting programs. What’s up with that? Why does it seem near impossible to get kids to listen? What can parents do differently? To

While driving a car, there are times when you need to answer an absolutely important call. With the driving wheel in hand, it is too dangerous to attempt picking up the cell phone with your hand. So, what do you do to ensure that you can receive important calls when driving? This is exactly where a mobile phone comes in handy, as it holds the phone in a fixed position,

iBeacon is a Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) communication technology that enables mobile apps to capture signals from beacons in the physical world and react to them. It allows mobile apps to gauge their position on a micro-scale and deliver hyper-contextual content to users based on their location. We take a look at how these two Internet of Thing (IoT) endeavours by Apple will work together to make our lives simpler.

Apps are being launched every second and the app stores are full of them. You can find multiple apps of the same genre and sometimes it becomes difficult to decide which app you should keep and which you should discard. However, there are many experts out there who understand the apps inside out and give you reviews so that you can make the right choice. So, after taking due consideration

If you own a smart phone, then you probably love finding great apps to play. But if you purchased an iPhone or iPod touch, then you probably don’t have a lot of money left over to buy apps. Luckily, there are few feelings better than discovering something that is fun, easy to use and free. 5-0 Radio is a free app that comes pretty darn close to offering this sought-after

Benefits of using a Stylus Pen for your iPad and iPod Touch including Tapping -Dragging- Drawing easier on the Touch Screen by using capacitive stylus pens. Apple’s iPod and iPhones are influential devices with many apps and features. By easy-to-use touch-screen, users can easily navigate by tapping-typing-dragging- scrolling-and even drawing. You can use your fingers to do all, but using fingertips over and over again leaves oily fingerprint marks. Besides

Poor cell phone signal reception is never appreciated. No one likes those missing signal bars on a phone’s display. You might have suffered from this problem some time in your life. Such problems have always been there and over the years people have come up with some unique, unusual, and home-made remedies for these problems. 5 such ways these crafty individuals say to improve your signal reception are given below.

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