The boom in technology has gifted us with numerous innovations-3G being one. 3G, which stands for third generation is an advanced mobile technology offering the best in mobile telephony. It’s the legatee of second generation digital communication systems. To be more precise, through 3G one enjoys the prowess of first generation analog and second generation digital communication systems alongwith some awe-inspiring functionalities. Almost all the latest high-end mobile phones are

“Ring Ring Ring” – You’ve been interrupted by another “unknown call”. You are tired of having your time wasted and feeling frustrated, so you type the number into an Internet based phone book to see who dares disturb you. But wait, whats this? The information you find consists only of provider: and type: – and its probably wrong! Its also not enough to help you identify the caller, thus your

Graduation for high school and college is exciting and sad at the same time. Though we may not know it at the time, we are saying goodbye to school life, and we are also saying goodbye to some friends that we cherish. No matter how hard we try, some people just slip away. This happens when we change jobs, and even when we marry and have children. When it is

Have you wondered what a reverse cellular phone directory is? By means of one of these services, you can find the owner of a cell phone number and get hold of data on them. Also, you can make use of a person’s name and acquire their cell phone number with these directory searches. Also you get the remarkable feature of cross referencing a variety of physical addresses to look at

As the mobile app trend continues to grow and captivate consumers, you might be asking yourself how you can dive into this medium. Maybe you have the perfect idea for an app or maybe you just know that you want one developed for your company. Either way, you’re going to need to pair up with a mobile app developer. But, with so many to choose from, where do you begin?

Mobile phone ringtones have been around for nearly a decade now, with the first commercial ringtone services said to have emerged in Finland in 1997. Gradually, they have become an established part of modern life, with some of them becoming headline news over the years. So as we look back over the history of ringtones, which stand out as the “big hits” or “classics” of this new kind of music

There are so many things that contribute to your high cell phone bill. There are so many hidden charges in your service. For beginners, there are federal charges, plus local and state taxes. There are also charges that are carried out through the carriers as a way to get back the money they spent on marketing to attract new customers and keep the ones they already have. Unfortunately, there are

Most of us, at one point of time or the other, would have wondered as to why our cell phone bills are very high today. If you feel like your bill is high, some of the reasons listed below might be able to help you. Well, some of the other reasons for our high bills are: 1. The Carrier Company – No company has ever come out with a ‘plan’

You may have heard about reverse phone lookup especially among friends who never run out of things to talk about particularly about their partners whom they endlessly suspect of infidelity. It is quite a sad fact, but everyone is just suspicious of their supposed “better” halves! And this being the case, making use of a reverse phone lookup service has gotten quite popular these days. What is reverse phone lookup

There are many numbers of ways these days to track cell phone location. It may seem like a strange goal to track someone by their cell location but in many circumstances it can be extremely important to know or have an idea where someone might be. Numerous different hikers, divers and all sorts of other adventuress have had their skins saved by people being able to track cell phone location

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