People come to me all the time with the same fundamental question. They are about to buy a new computer and have no idea what specs to look for. This is usually further complicated by the fact that they have no idea what all the numbers represent when looking at the technical specifications. The one that usually jumps out at them is the processor speed. As a result of the

Updating the firmware on an Adtran Netvanta 1224STR PoE switch can seem like a daunting task if you have not done so before. Following these steps will help walk you through the process **NOTE** If using the enhanced feature pack you will need an Adtran account with valid purchase to validate the download of the enhanced feature pack. In order to complete this How-To, you will need the following: A

One of the most important components of any PC is the graphics card, which does the job of image processing and subsequent display. Gamers usually pay special attention to the choice of discrete graphics cards and spend a lot of time studying their characteristics and test results. It is not surprising because the game industry makes a huge amount of video games run, which require the most powerful system. So,

There are several methods of getting data into your computer. Some include using a mouse of which there are several different types such as mechanical mouse, optical mouse and cordless mouse. You also have a touchpad and joysticks. Below you will find some other non conventional pen input devices. Light Pen – Light pen is actually one more pointing input gadget. This will pick up on existence of light. It’s

Testing SCR (silicon controlled rectifier) can be done by using an analog multi meter or specialize tester (such as the Peak electronic atlas component analyzer) designed to check semiconductor devices easily. SCR can be found in many electronic circuits. Part numbers such as the FOR3G and MCR 100-6 were very common used in computer monitor. Some called SCR as thyristor but in actual fact the word thyristor should not be

Any products that are powered by electricity, also emit electromagnetic energy in the form of radio frequency emissions, or RF frequency. These signals generally fall in the AM/FM radio range, and can be measured with any RF signal detector. The problem is these frequencies disturb other equipment in the area, causing interference. In video surveillance situations, it could be loss of picture quality in your cameras or monitors. Other devices

The relay board is what powers the switching mechanics on your electronic devices. It contains a power supply circuit, regulatory circuitry and of course the relays that you need to turn parts or all of your device (or devices) on and off – or to switch them between states. Normally speaking, the relays on your relay board will be solid state, unlike the mechanical relays that you may see in

There have been several models of the Samsung Laser Printer released into the market. However, many of them seem to pose various degrees of problems. Here are some of the common error codes along with tips on troubleshooting: Error message: Scanning error This error message is essentially a hardware error. You could try to replace the USB cable. Sometimes poor quality cables cannot transmit the large data needed by a

Ethernet splitters are a great way to reduce the amount of network cable you have in your house and save money. Splitters work by simply allowing two lanes of traffic to travel down an ethernet cable. Ethernet cables only use 4 out of the 8 wires they have when sending and receiving data. A splitter makes it possible for you to force two lanes of traffic down one cable. This

The Behringer Company is responsible for some of the highest quality audio and equipment on the market since 1989. Globally awarded for several of their products, Behringer guarantees quality audio equipment and provides warranties and product service for all their mixers. Two of their most popular mixer models include the Behringer Xenyx 802 and the Behringer Xenyx 502, of which we will focus on. Behringer Xenyx 802 The Behringer Xenyx

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