Obviously when you want to hire android developer, you are going to check their technical skills. You will check how well are they accustomed with the platform and if their skills best match your project requirements. You are absolutely right to be doing this, but what about the other aspects of the job, you might hire Android programmer who is the best at Android application development, but what difference it

Teenage Mobile App Developers Do you know that there is an increase in the number of teenage mobile app developers? Several big companies are encouraging the efforts of these young developers irrespective of their age and education. In 2012, a teenager based in California developed a mobile app for the Home Depot in a contest and won $10,500, which impressed a Facebook official and the company offered internship for her.

When it comes to storing your clothing, or displaying garments in a retail setting, there is a fine line between convenience and protection. You want your items easily accessible so that you can use them as needed, but you do not want to have creases or unusual wear and tear from your storage method. If you are a business owner, then having the right hangers to display your merchandise can

The River Between, tells the story about the separation of two villages of Kenya who were neighbors but differences in faith separated them. The bitterness between them caused much hatred between the adults of each side. The story tells about the struggle of a young leader to unite the two villages of Kameno and Makuyu through sacrifice and pain. In the story a boy, Waiyaki, the son of Chege, was

Nowadays, it is not outlandish to see many teenagers are working part-time as promoters or sales girls during the school holidays. Parents are willing to allow their children to work part-time so that their children will spend their school holidays well without wasting any time on surfing the internet and playing computer games. However, some parents do not allow their children to work part-time because they have the fallacy of

Once you have a clear picture of your priorities – that is your values, goals and high leverage activities, organize around them.”–Stephen Covey Being an entrepreneur is part of the hustle. Small businesses now want a bigger piece of the “pie,” and wealth isn’t in short supply. But one of the challenges that small businesses face is handling the growth of the business. One reason is that not all entrepreneurs

Top notch companies always pay the highest attention to maintaining a solid back-bone for their enterprise. And one of the ways to develop a sound technology back-bone is to opt for a superior virtual private server solution that will help you gain a foot hold in the market. The websites you host can be used to run software’s that can serve as a web enabled ERP which will help all

Whether you are riding a bus or train, having an after dinner coffee at your favorite coffee shop or simply enjoying a light banter with your family at the living room, a deluge of information reaches you through the internet. It is one product of man’s ingenuity that absolutely defies time, space and gravity. The computer, whatever sizes and forms they come, definitely knows no bounds as the power it

You want to make money online, you want to make money with no money or in other words without investing a single cent, am I right? Well I must say you have really landed on a right article because I am going to show you what you must do to start making money on the internet as you want it – without investing a single red cent. So please stay

The world has gone Mobile. The number of smart phone users globally has grown exponentially over the past 5 years. The number of Android & iOS devices sold globally has crossed a billion mark each. Hence, it is no longer sufficient to have only a website for your business. Any business, small or large must have a mobile app. Let us look at some of the most important reasons why

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