When you’re working in your business (as opposed to working “on”), you’re mired deeply, head down, focused on the minute details and plans. It’s as if you’re looking through a microscope. And that level of attention and focus is good and definitely needed at times. The problem can be when you stay in that mode and feel you have to do everything to the nth degree, or do everything to

Whether you’re focused on doing something practical to help your employees avoid getting sick, or you want to promote your company with a great product, screen cleaner wipes are a great investment for your business. In fact, incorporating screen cleaner wipes into your budget has many benefits to your company that you might not expect. Protect Your Investment Keeping your equipment clean is essential to making sure it’s always operating

There are a number of dependencies when it comes to deciding whether to hire a dedicated, independent mobile apps developer or an apps development agency for your next project. There are budgets to consider, skill sets to be evaluated and preferences to be matched. The developers you select must not only have the expertise required to build the app, but also have adequate knowledge of your business in order to

Remote desktop service is a technology enabling you to sit at a computer and connect to a remote computer (host computer) in a different location. In other words, you can get access to your office computer from your home desktop and can use all your files, applications, and network resources exactly as you use to work on your office computer. You need to leave your office computer on with programs

With the growing number of photos being shared on the internet along the increasing number of photo-sharing platforms, it is clear that people are more attracted towards visuals than text. However, another fact is that millions of images and pictures floating around the World Wide Web aren’t just selfies and photos, they also comprises pictures of brands, their logos and products. Digital marketing companies are significantly using social media channels

The co-working craze is sweeping the nation like nobody's business. Budding entrepreneurs no longer have to work within the confines of their local coffee shops. So it comes as no surprise that in the City That Never Sleeps there are co-working facilities with amazing amenities popping up all over the place. Entrepreneurs providing Internships in New York City no longer have to stress about finding the money in their budget

The increase in gas prices as well as the effects of global warming believed to have been brought on by carbon emissions has driven the demand for hybrid vehicles that use less gas and run using a combination of gas and electricity. The hybrid vehicle was introduced in the US in 1999 and has been gradually increasing in popularity with its battery assisted electric motor that works in tandem with

Never feel bad about buying authentic designer handbags. The idea of so many people saying that those knock-offs are better, is ridiculous. Many women know that Balenciaga bags are one of the most beautiful and expensive designers brands around. But they also know that with the high price tag comes high quality. Find out why. Have you heard of Balenciaga? You know, one of the top designers of handbags? Ever

It’s all fine and dandy when you have a professional actor on your set but what happens if you have amateurs or extras whom you need to fill out your scene? Supporting actors/talents and even extras add an authentic feel to your set. The office worker in the background who works on his laptop, the young lady talking on her mobile (in the background) on the street. They are all

At the moment, the thin-and-light notebook can be said to be more and more popular. Recently, a fresh model with a thickness of only 10.8mm appears in the market, claiming that the thinnest part is at only about 4mm. Yes, it’s the EZbook Air, which follows the EZBook 1 and EZBook 2, as the third super-budget Windows 10 laptop of the Jumper Company. And now, let’s take a look at

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