The Surface Tablet PC series from the Microsoft Company is undoubtedly one of the most successful office tablets at the moment. Its success is not only reflected in the Windows 10, which provides strong office support but also because of the important role, the excellent hardware and concise but delicate appearance design. Today, we will talk about the fresh Tablet PC, Jumper Ezpad 5SE, which combines with the classic Surface

The Zeus hoax is the brainchild of some unscrupulous person. It is a pop-up designed to trick people into phoning a number to right their apparent problem and make them fear they have the Zeus virus. Having rung the number they can be directed by the perpetrator to purchase malware solutions. I have a small internet business but like the majority of internet businesses we offer our customers legitimate and

Are you glued to your laptop or any other digital device of the family day after day? Technology can really isolate you from the society or community you live in. You may be missing out on great social events. Why not shut off your computer and start knocking on doors? How will that help? Read on to find out. You may continue to get stuck with technology – the fancier

First impressions are important and our appearance is a big part of that first impression. For many of us our laptop case is part of our professional look and its care and maintenance can become a personal reflection. It only takes a few minutes to keep a leather laptop case looking like new, so try to work it into your weekly routine. Here are six quick tips for laptop bag

At the moment, the thin-and-light notebook can be said to be more and more popular. Recently, a fresh model with a thickness of only 10.8mm appears in the market, claiming that the thinnest part is at only about 4mm. Yes, it’s the EZbook Air, which follows the EZBook 1 and EZBook 2, as the third super-budget Windows 10 laptop of the Jumper Company. And now, let’s take a look at

Wow! Did you see Derren Brown on TV last night? I have seen him before but last night was different, he performed his usual amazing mind control and tricks but also had a theme running through the show, he seemed to me to be showing how mind control and belief can be used for the common good. The second half of the show he spent apparently curing people of a

Google is a type of search engine that gives the facility of browsing from various devices such as the laptop, mobile etc. Recently, Google developed material design so that it can unify the experienced users to use various Google platforms. The aim of this unification is to improve the overall technological experience of a user by making the interaction easier, simpler and more intuitive. Most people believe that the recent

Education has changed significantly in the last twenty years. One of the main reasons education has undergone so many changes is because of technological development. In 1990, computers and other forms of technology served a minimal role in the classroom. Today, many if not most college students attend class with a laptop. I am writing about some of the biggest advantages technology gave to education. Technology has made research much

Apple has made a bit of a maneuver to take a chunk of the netbook, ultraportable market with the release of its new MacBook Airs, particularly the brand new 11″ model. They certainly stand to make quite an impact on the niche if they manage to lure enough ultraportable lovers into paying at least 1 grand for a second-banana laptop. They’ve maintained quite the record over the past 5 years

Deforestation is the process of converting forested lands into non-forest sites that are ideal for crop raising, urbanization and industrialization. Because deforestation is a serious concept, there are also serious effects to the surroundings. Effects of deforestation can be classified and grouped into effects to biodiversity, environment and social settings. Because deforestation basically involves killing trees in forests, there are so many effects that can be enumerated as results of

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