The I-COM IC-7100 is a High Frequency, (H.F.) transceiver covering the ham radio spectrum from 1.8 Megahertz through to 30 Megahertz, all mode capability including S.S.B., both upper and lower, C.W. A.M. and F.M. modes at your fingertips. The transceiver also features the four metre band together with six metres, two metres and seventy centimetres the latter allocations have the benefit of all mode capability making the IC-7100 an ideal

Notebook batteries are designed specifically for different notebooks brand as well as models. Today notebooks are powered by lithium ion batteries. Lithium ion batteries are lighter, have a better power-to-weight ratio, can hold a charge longer, have a longer usable life, and do not have the memory effect to fail prematurely. Lithium ion batteries are also inexpensive to manufacture as compared to the earlier generation of nickel metal hydride batteries.

The reason we now live in the 'global village' is because travelling from one country to another has never been so easy, quick, and arguably inexpensive. The research and booking process for flights have been revolutionized by the Internet and have facilitated the growth and prosperity of for example the budget airlines. There are however some aspects of international travel that just seem to get more difficult. How many of

2016 is almost over and with Christmas season almost upon us, many smartphone users will be looking to upgrade their phones. On the Android side of the fence, things have never been so good, with aggressively priced and well featured phones available at almost every price bracket. The companies that are to thank for this flood of great phones in the market are the Chinese upstarts with names like Oppo,

There are very few disadvantages to owning a laser printer in general but one of them is definitely the cost. The money that you could spend on a very high-end inkjet printer will only buy you a very low-end color laser printer with limited capacities. Color laser printers with multi-functions such as a copier and a fax all in one are even more expensive. However a middle of the line

If you enjoy spending time browsing the internet, especially for the latest electronic appliances, you may have come across a little gadget; the handy and portable battery fan. Although you may be interested in owning one of these, information about them can be difficult to find. The purpose of this article is to supply you with all the information you may need on the features of battery fans, and the

Searching for a new home can be both exhilarating and daunting. It’s a time-consuming process that, far too often, is filled with worry. Purchasing a house is a significant financial investment, and you might wonder if you are choosing the right one. There are, however, ways you can make looking at homes for sale easier and more enjoyable. Sure, it’s a big job, but nobody says you can’t have fun

Once, it was difficult to imagine morning without a newspaper. We wake up, drink a cup of coffee and read newspapers in order to find latest news in the country and around the world. Today the world has changed. Every hour there is news, every minute something happens. In order to get the latest news, just go to the internet. And if you prefer, you can even get updates (the

Availing insurance is a kind of a protective measure that we could take against any of our valuables. It need not be your jewels or car; it can also be an electronic gadget like your iPhone. With the increasing cost of this gadget it is a very good idea to avail an insurance cover for that gadget so that it could cover all the maintenance cost that you might have

How many times have you walked into a party and the moment you step inside, you get a feeling of deja vu. Yes, sometimes parties can be repetitive. New ideas for party planning seem to not be in the minds of people now. Buy you know better, right? You can have a party and have fun without having to adhere to the usual ways of having one. Graduation party? Well,

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