1.0 What is a brand? Brands can be defined in two ways. Firstly, a brand can be an identification or a mark that differentiates one business from another (through a name or a logo, for example). Secondly, a brand symbolises how people think about your business.Building a brand helps customers in their decision-making, creating a perceived knowledge of what they are going to buy – before they buy it. Brands

High uric acid in urine can be a sign of excruciating gout to come. Discover, here, why high levels of uric acid can occur in your urine and blood, and, how they can lead to gout and kidney stones. You’ll also learn about treatment for high uric acid, both drug-based and natural. First, though, let’s look at the symptoms of high uric acid in urine… HIGH URIC ACID IN URINE

Many people are suffering from nail fungus infection. This fungus belongs with the dermatophytes group which infects keratin of both humans and animals. Nail fungus is not harmful. However, it causes nails to change in color and to deform. When you see a yellowish strips under the nail or white strips on the nail surface it is because of fungus. Other signs of nail fungal infections are nail thickening, weakening

Cancer is at epidemic levels in the United States. The five year survival rate for conventional treatment of most forms of cancer is less than 10 percent. Conventional methods do not cure cancer. They prolong life for a few years. Conventional methods eradicate cancer cells, but cancer often returns later. This is because conventional treatment does nothing about the underlying causes of cancer. Conventional treatment destroys healthy cells along with

Any plumbing fixtures and appliances have to be working properly so that a structure can be used. Regular maintenance of the plumbing system is important in order to capture any problems early enough and deal with them. A plumber will be required to carry out any kind of repairs including roof repairs, leaking taps and showers, and sink repairs. A plumber will also need to repair the heating system, hot

When you’re meeting with your prospective cleaning service clients, you need to plan and list down probing questions which can make your clients tell you their concerns. In doing so, you get to show the prospective clients that your business is ready to serve their needs and can solve whatever problems they might have. In this meeting, you should be the listener than the talker so you can help the

Personal computers have completely revolutionized the way the world, lives, works and conducts business. Strictly-speaking, computers arrived on the scene way back in 1936 when one Konrad Zuse produced what was then called the Z1 computer. This was a cumbersome machine that could perform simple calculations and also crunch simple data. This was not as sophisticated as what we have today but it served to set the foundation for further

What is MSM? It’s an abbreviation for methylsulfonylmethane, an organic form of sulfur. In its purified form, it is an odorless white crystal, looking very much like table sugar. It is not a medicine or a drug. It is a natural substance, occurring in the body and in plants, and is not harmful to the body in any way. As a matter of fact, there are many benefits of MSM.

Video production is one of the best ways in which business struggles, potential, strategies, clients, target markets, vision and mission can be presented in an entertaining and a highly engaging manner. The final editing and production of a video is a key element to its success. A well-produced video has potential to describe and explain the mentioned features in a remarkably short time. Hiring a video production company is essential

Fur scarves make incredible accessories for all of your attire whether it is classy, work and casual. Such fantastic pieces can add more elegance to your outfit that you desired without going overboard on accessories. Moreover, it will keep you warm, comfortable and cozy during the chilly winter season. They are lavish, soft, classy and always in style. You can easily get furry scarves in various distinct textures, colors, and

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