I spend a great deal of my time dealing with highly sensitive, highly confidential information. Over the years I have noticed that many of the institutions I have worked with have gone to great pains and considerable expense to make certain their computer systems have state of the art firewalls and “hacker-proof” encoding systems. Nonetheless, they continue to leak data like a sieve! How can this be? Simple, they are

Designers should not overlook the importance of mobile devices. Mobile is not only a current trend, but the future, and there is a rise in number of website designs that are intended for the mobile. However, the same website may not display well on many of these new devices. Therefore, designers have to create designs that display well on all kinds of mobile devices, whether it is a PC, laptop,

“Those who seek the Way let go of something everyday.” Laozi When my husband and I first started RV’ing, or now trendy description, Glamping (glamour camping) I hated it. He on the other hand was so enthusiastic about the idea of traveling around the West exploring and camping in a motor coach that I caved. Though to me, as I expressed to him during those first couple of years, the

Buying a computer is a big deal for a lot of people, and understandably so. Much forethought should go into the purchase of a computer. Buying a computer is not like buying a book; the retailer must have technical experience to help you both in selecting the type of computer and diagnosing problems when they occur. One of the most important considerations when buying a computer is to determine what

For some time now, we have been hearing a lot about Peli cases. They’re great for traveling, best for gadgets, etc., etc. But what exactly is this wonder product? Let’s dig deeper to unravel the mystery. A Peli case, or Pelican case is a special container made of molded plastic, designed by a company called Pelican Products – which is where it gets its name from. These containers can be

So, you’re looking to build a web-site or so fed up with your current web host that you are eager to transfer your site elsewhere? You may not even be aware of your current hosts vulnerabilities in an industry where each week there is news about a host going down for one reason or another. Your first problem is narrowing the thousands of choices down to a few that you

Introduction VibeWrite looks like a normal pen. But this pen is intelligent enough to detect the mistakes such as typos, unnatural phrases, etc. It starts vibrating in the hand when the user makes spelling mistakes while writing on a piece of paper. A group of researchers from Munich had developed this intelligent pen. Since its first development, the prototype has undergone several rounds of testing and structural revamp to make

USB Flash Drives vs Disc Media Over the last 5 years Flash drives have become so popular that they are being mass produced in vast numbers. This, of course, brings the price right down on each unit making them an even more attractive proposition for those looking to distribute large amounts of data to a large number of people. They have a number of advantages over high capacity disc media

For many (if not most) people, Google is the gateway to the internet. Well truth be told, it’s possibly a tie between Facebook and Google. But simply put, if your author blog isn’t optimized to get as much traffic from Google as possible, you’re leaving huge amounts of potential unfulfilled. Whether your site is for profit or not, not working to maximize your audience is doing you, your site, and

When it works, the Steam controller is a marvel. The box and packaging are beautiful, easily feeling as special and exciting as any new Apple product. A cute cardboard wraparound showed the details of the inside of the controllers, something I can only enjoy visually but that might actually prove useful to the more tech-savvy amongst us. The setup was quick and painless and each game had settings to customise

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