MacBook Air 2020

Refurbished MacBook Air 2020 – Yay or Nay?

Refurbished products are considered pretty underrated when it comes to comparison with the new bought products. You must be aware of the MacBook Air, one of the products by the brand named Apple. We’re going to talk about the refurbished version of it. Hence the product that we are going to talk about is refurbished MacBook Air

If we talk about the refurbished version of the Macbook Air 2020, then the product itself has been offered with a number of fixes. The keyboard that now has been included in the product is new, more powerful, innards and a drastically improved one. The users will get more storage space in the device. Although the screen is a little mutant and the battery life is a decent one yet if you are an Apple product fan then this all new MacBook Air will be a great pick for you. If we talk a bit more about this then we would like to tell you that this product has entered the market with all new components and a higher minimum storage capacity which can be considered as a massive step. Being one of the thinnest and lightest Apple products this particular device isn’t only getting a decent uptick in performance but it also comprises double the storage which was not found in the previous versions of the product. All these features definitely make it a better investment for customers. 

Apart from all the features we would like to say that there is one bugging fact about this device that shows how under power this MacBook Air feels when it is compared to its contemporaries which are Window based and are being sold at the same price range as the MacBook Air. This product line has really disappointed the customers because they had to make far too many compromises as compared to the price they were paying. Another fact is that with every yearly update in the device it felt like a small Step Up rather than being a revolutionary jump. As far as this product is concerned this update will definitely come as a relief to all the Macbook Air fans all around the world. For the first time this device includes the configuration from quad-core processors and up to 16GB of RAM. These features definitely make this product much more powerful as compared to its predecessors. 

The Macbook Air fans will be disappointed to know that it is no longer the thinnest laptop in the world as this place has been replaced by LG Gram, for instance, which is one of several Windows 10 laptops that weigh much less than the refurbished MacBook Air these days. But they can be relieved to know that it is still one of the most compact laptops, thanks to Apple’s famous design and build quality. The potential buyers of the Macbook Air need not worry about the increased size and weight of the device as even with the inclusion of new components it is still easy to carry around hence sticking to the portability it used to offer in the previous version. 

You may fail to notice any major differences as far as the design is concerned because it is pretty much the same as the previous version. The only difference is there which is that the refurbished MacBook Air 2020 comes with a new keyboard. The device has the new Magic Keyboard which was first present in the MacBook Pro 16-inch. If you’re wondering why this keyboard is so unusual then we must tell you that this keyboard offers a deeper travel while typing which makes the keyboard even more responsive. With the inclusion of this feature we can say that the brand fixed the reliability issues which were reported regarding the older keyboard. It can be said that the users may not notice any difference on the outer of the device but they will notice a change as soon as they open it. Apart from all the surprising features of the keyboard itself you will also get a touch id scanner for all the biometric logins to Mac OS and you may also use it for any payments when you are doing through Apple pay.  The touch id scanner is decently responsive as it is fast and reliable when detecting fingerprints.

If you are thinking of buying a refurbished Macbook Air 2020 then we can assure you that it is a great product to have for anyone who is a fan of Apple products. With a few disappointments here and there, it has many positive features as well which make it a great device for any user.

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