Webcasting is an effective way of broadcasting content over Internet, whether audio files or video files, or both combined. This can be conducted either through “live feed” or “on-demand feed”. Irrespective of the type of solution chosen by users, it offers vast potential for marketing firms. New products or services offered by any company can be showcased over Internet with the help of these solutions. Clients can subscribe to newsletters to get regular updates about the new launches. These can also be archived by clients so that they can watch these at their own convenience.

The main advantage of a webcast as a marketing tool is that it can reach out to wider client-base, compared to traditional marketing mechanisms. Broadcasts about product launches used to take place over radio or Television before the availability of high speed Internet. As high speed broadband Internet became more affordable, more users could access the content. Therefore, companies could reach out to a larger clientele and interact with them in real-time. It can be used by any marketing firm to reach out to the entire world or a specific group of customers. The technology involved is highly cost effective, which means small scale and mid sized marketing firms too can experience the benefits of webcasting.

An on-demand webcast empowers viewers to scroll through several video or audio files and select the one which is most appropriate based on requirements. The other option is live feed webcasting. In this instance, clients can watch streaming videos about any product or service and directly post queries regarding the same. Therefore, the need of downloading a media file is eliminated and users can view the same via live streaming. Such solutions also feature provisions for polls and Q&A sessions that can be further utilised by customers to know about a particular product.

Companies throughout Hong Kong make use of webcasts to host Investor Relations meetings, wherein they relay the requisite information about their periodic financial situation to analysts. For high-end corporate events, webcast providers make use of requisite software to render an unparalleled experience. The requisite software work efficiently across various operating systems and devices, like smartphones, tablet computers, desktops and laptops. Sophisticated software also let users combine slides along with audio and video files. As a result, webcasting becomes a suitable means to conduct efficient presentations as well. The multimedia feature incorporated in these software can be made use of in order to further add graphics and animation to the content.

Developing the content for webcasts is the first step, while production phase marks the second step. In the production phase, the content of web presentation is edited and uploaded to the web server. Furthermore, production also involves creation of digital registration form and evaluation form. This helps in tracking the demographic of participated audience as well as relevance of online discussions. A high speed Internet connection is a pre-requisite for webcasting, as tremendous amount of High Definition videos and High Fidelity audio packets are transferred. Such high quality audio and video make the webcast more immersive and ensure that the companies can make a lasting impact on the target audience.

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