Asus laptop repair in Singapore

Common Problems: Asus Laptop Repair Singapore

We have become so completely reliant on our gadgets, such as laptops and phones, that without them we could not even think of going for a day. It’s amazing how many options we get when venturing out to buy a laptop. Asus proves to be a fantastic purchase. It has built a niche for its solid and reliable products in the industry. Asus laptops have shown a lot of improvements over the years. The modification in the size of the laptop has served to make it more comfortable and friendly to travel. Asus continues to top the charts in terms of creativity. We do need to manage our devices properly to keep the utility balance. But with time, some issues may arise, despite proper maintenance. Here, we’ll discuss common issues and the best option for Asus laptop repair in Singapore.

Common Asus Laptop Problems :

Motherboard problem

The hardware, such as Audio, Video, Power, USB, Firewire, and Touchpad, is managed by motherboards. If you encounter any problem with these accompanying hardware, know that it might be due to the motherboard.

Audio issues 

It may be due to the microphone or the speaker problem. If the issue continues, check the volume settings and mute the button.

Spurious application 

Sometimes an application starts displaying an error message or abruptly stopped working. Try to close this program and reopen it. When the issue doesn’t go away, you can try reinstalling the program.

Frozen screen

Frozen screen

It can be triggered by different issues. You can try to resolve this by forcing your system to restart.

Repeated restart

Nothing could be more frustrating than unexpectedly restarting the laptop in the middle of a big update. The reason for this may be the presence of corrupted Windows system files or various hardware issues.

Excessive heating issue

The extreme heating of the laptop may be due to various causes, even under cold external temperatures. This is either due to a piling of lint in the cooling fans which overheats the system. Another reason is that the silicon paste used to transfer the heat from the CPU and GPU is dried up.

Keys not working

The keys do not work or mistyping when typing something on your laptop. See if the problem is due to a defective keyboard or a keyboard driver issue.

Not able to turn on the laptop 

If your laptop isn’t turned on, the matter may be very serious. Because of damaged DC input on the motherboard, or the adapter can not supply adequate voltage to charge the battery. If the problem is with the charger so the only option is to buy a new charger. But make sure the charger is bought from a trustworthy shop that sells genuine spare parts or necessary accessories.

Strange noise

When your laptop makes odd noises while working, an internal issue may be the reason behind it.

Battery problem

If you don’t maintain a laptop’s battery safety, there can be problems with the long-run charge.

Hassle-free Asus Laptop Repair in Singapore

If you are not able to solve these growing issues, your laptop needs significant repairs. If even hacks can’t help you fix your laptop problems, and you’re not comfortable enough to use them, it’s best to approach a reputable consultant for laptop repairs. Having to seek professional help can save both your money and time. 

PC Dreams is a leading dealer in Asus laptop repair in Singapore. They have a team of professionals who work dedicatedly and carefully. Every laptop they fix is double sanitized. You will get a warranty for the repair work and parts that were replaced. If you come across some problem after the repair, you can reach them.

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