Over the past 10 years, PC Dreams has become one of the most trusted laptop retailers in Singapore. Founded in 2005, the founder started selling PCs operating from his NTU small hostel, gradually business expanded and PC Dreams have gone from a network of stores offering services such as laptop repairs, laptop trade-ins and restored second hand Macbooks, smartphone, tablets and refurbishing items to managing multiple online ecommerce shops.

We look to provide customers with excellent customer service giving them exclusive deals on machines that suit their needs. We also take care of the environment ensuring all used and waste items are properly recycled in a correct and sustainable manner.

Currently, the PC Dreams network consists of three businesses: Laptop Outlet, Laptop Factory Outlet and Digital Hospital.

Customer Service

To maintain our high standards, we have formed a team of specialists whose aim is to ensure that you get the very best deal in Singapore. Our team can assist you on a wealth of different tech matters involving laptops, tablets and gaming desktops. Our experts have helped both the public and businesses with their computing needs making us one of the most respected laptop resellers in Singapore.

Business Philosophy

In order to provide our complete laptop services, we look to operate on 3 core business principles:

  • Speed – We set short realistic deadlines to ensure efficient and prompt customer service.
  • Quality – By always training and updating our staff, we ensure that you will always get the best possible deal for your needs.
  • Cost Saving – We constantly evaluate our prices to ensure that you always get a deal that is considered value for money.

In addition to our core principles, we aim to keep our staff happy by offering a stable working environment and regular career opportunities.

Mission Statement

  • To provide a complete laptop and mobile device service for customers including retail, trade-ins and repairs
  • To support employees professional and personal lives and offer a stable working environment with regular career opportunities
  • To become a leading electronic component re-user and recycler in Singapore and help change attitudes towards e-waste in the city

Core Values

At PC Dreams, we always strive to maintain the highest ethical standards are reached by everyone in the company ranging from the shareholders to our customers. To do this, we look to focus on several factors including:

  • Integrity – Our staff always look to maintain high moral codes at all times
  • Committed – We always look to understand and deliver on the needs of our clients
  • Passion – All of our experts remain passionate about the industry and the tasks they commit to
  • Customer needs – We look to always place the need of the customer first at all times
  • Embrace changes –Our staff check and follow the latest technology trends and react to any developments accordingly